JC Ting

Front-end Web Developer

about me

Web developer and budding tabletop roleplay game master with 5+ years experience in customer support. I create accessible and responsive web pages through structured, readable, and reusable code. I'm a team player that likes to break down abstract concepts into intelligible chunks to communicate them in wholesome and inclusive spaces. In my free time, I de-stress with cartoons and pictures of cute animals.


  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Git, GitHub
  • React
  • Firebase
  • Web Accessibility
  • Conflict Management
  • Mental Health Communication


a form asking for a city name. Different concerts are displayed on cards below it.

Concert Accountant

React, Firebase, SCSS

A multi-page React app that gives the user Ticketmaster events in a given city. Users can add the events to a list with a set budget, and the app calculates if they have exceeded their preset budget. The app was a team project with Claire Housez, Jairo Calderon, and Kunal Joshi

a doodle of an americano accompanied by information about the drink

What's in my (caffeinated) drink?

React, CSS

A first foray into making a React web app. This app displays information from the Simple API's Coffee database to educate the user about different kinds of coffee drinks. Coffee graphics illustrated by me.

the landing page of the app features a dropdown menu, a composite figure of fine art, and a bunny mascot

A Phantom Thief Targets the Met

HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript

A collaborative project made with Gigi Poon. The Phantom Bunny Thief Hare-sin Lupin uses the Metropolitan Museum of Art's API to search for works that are on display at The Met.

a screenshot of a website for plant services



A multi-page website created from a given design. The site is responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. The CSS was designed with future content in mind.


intentionally included project template


This is a project. It has code. It has links below.

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